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Introduction of Online Learning

Introduction of Online Learning

makes the learning effect higher with the immersion of classroom lessons through a 3-stage cycle, preview–lesson–review.

When learning English as a foreign language, continuous exposure time is very important. It can change the learning environment, where English is severed after the class lesson, into something easy and entertaining.

Online learning creates a high interest in English, becomes the role of a guide to ‘studying alone’ by managing thorough preview • review, and helps develop the acquisition of the best self-initiated learning.

There is a trend in the introduction of Internet-based English learning evaluations, such as NEAT, TOEFL, etc. SLP online learning not only leads to depth in English learning, but it can also naturally prepare for various iBT (Internet-based tests).

Developed by applying the idea of blended learning using the offline program as the base
Developed in customization through the thorough needs analysis of SLP students
Composed to progress connecting with offline learning
Adhere learning management by the remote management system of learning progress
Includes various academic games, which arouse interest, and optional learning for the supplement of deficient domains
Offers learning of standardized evaluation preparations, such as NEAT, iBT TOEFL, etc.
Offers a social cooperative learning environment to cultivate higher mental processes