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The history of Sogang University’s reputation for English excellence started about 50 years ago when the American Jesuit priests who founded Sogang University set out to establish a new milestone in university education with English education.
In those days, the development of the English abilities of Sogang University students stood apart from that of students of other universities because the priests’ classes were held in English, so students not only had to communicate in English but also had to organize and express their thoughts in English.
SLP, made by Sogang University, contains Sogang University’s English education philosophy which has been passed down for about 50 years.
SLP knew about the limitations of rote teaching and memorization, so SLP is pursuing an integrated education, one which develops linguistic ability and thinking skills together, to help students differentiate themselves by fluently expressing their thoughts in English regardless of the environment.
The promise and goal of Sogang SLP is an education for children to think, act and dream in English, not children who do well only on tests.

Sogang Language Program (SLP) is an English education institute established by Sogang University, which is based on their educational ideology in order for children and youth to have proper English education.

SLP is an education institute of Sogang University which pursues value based education. It trains students in human respect, autonomy, responsibility, and sociability to strengthen character education. It cultivates a well prepared model with an ethically wholesome, righteous, and volunteering character.
SLP cultivates a global person who exceeds the linguistic, historic, cultural, and geographical limitations and takes an active role on the international stage.
SLP cultivates a person who differentiates themselves by freely expressing their thoughts in English based on highly difficult thinking through the Infusion Learning curriculum, which integrates English and thinking skills.
SLP practices education which emphasizes people over teaching content, so it considers student individuality and adjusts to each one’s capabilities and characteristics.
SLP pursues qualitative excellence in education through the continuous development of teaching methods and teacher training.

SLP as an institute of English education is not satisfied with the basic role of teaching English, but rather pays attention to teaching humans whole-person education in order for students to function as valued human beings in society.